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How Data Empowers Your Population Health Program to Improve Care and Reduce Costs


It’s no secret that technology and data have rapidly become a provider’s most powerful tools for reducing costs and improving care.

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Discover the Best Data Tools from Gartner Magic Quadrants


If you help make decisions about which vendors your business hires, then you should be familiar with Gartner’s Magic Quadrant. Magic Quadrants offer one-to-one vendor comparisons outlining strengths and cautions for each, as well as insights into overall market status. 

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Learn Tableau: Discover Key Business Insights in Your Data

Continuing our Tableau learning series (click here to start from the beginning), you've created a view of your data broken down by some basic categories and sub-categories. You are starting to get somewhere, but that is a lot of data to sort through. You need to easily find interesting data points and focus on specific results. Well, Tableau has some great options for that!

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Learn Tableau: Drag and Drop to Analyze Your Data

Continuing the theoretical request from the last blog, imagine your manager asked you to look into the overall sales and profitability for the company and to identify key areas for improvement. You have a bunch of data loaded into Tableau and you’ve set out to identify key areas for improvement, but you aren’t sure where to start.

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Learn Tableau: Connecting to Your Data

Imagine your manager asked you to look into the overall sales and profitability for the company and to identify key areas for improvement. You have a bunch of data, but you aren’t sure where to start. Here’s how to get your data loaded into Tableau so you can begin searching for valuable insights.

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How to Find the Best Data Integration Partner for You


IBM defines data integration as “discovery, cleansing, monitoring, transforming and delivery of data from a variety of sources.” Data integration sounds pretty simple--you take all your data and put it together, right? There’s actually a lot more to those two words.

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What to Look For in a Data Integration Services Expert

Are you seeking a better understanding of your business?

Have you missed opportunities due to insufficient or untrustworthy data?

Are you looking for new and better ways to achieve your business goals and boost the value your team is adding to the business?

Do you want to build a more solid foundation for decision making?

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How to Share Your Data Using Microsoft Power BI

Now that you’ve spent some time with visualizations and customizing your reports, the most important step is sharing with your team. Power BI offers several customizable ways to share and collaborate on your reports.

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3 Lessons Learned During My First 6 Months at My “Real World Job”

Hello! I’m Katie Browning and I am a first year Orr Fellow working as a Marketing and Communication Specialist at Onebridge.

Named after former Indiana Governor Bob Orr, Orr Fellowship aims to develop the next generation of business leaders and entrepreneurs in Indianapolis. In just six months, the Fellowship has made a huge impact on me, though I believe my experience would not be the same if I ended up at a different host company.

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Top 4 Tips: Navigating the Real World Right After College


Job Searching: where the term “Entry Level” doesn’t exist and college classes don’t matter.

This was how I felt when job searching before I graduated. How could I find a job I was qualified for, enjoyed doing, and found challenging? To be honest, I didn’t think it was possible until discovering Orr Fellowship.

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