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Seven Secrets to Successfully Implementing Change Initiatives

With change comes questions, doubt, and so many more emotions. However, if change is implemented correctly within your organization, it can be done quickly with minimal problems.

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3 Lessons Learned During My First 6 Months at My “Real World Job”

Hello! I’m Katie Browning and I am a first year Orr Fellow working as a Marketing and Communication Specialist at Onebridge.

Named after former Indiana Governor Bob Orr, Orr Fellowship aims to develop the next generation of business leaders and entrepreneurs in Indianapolis. In just six months, the Fellowship has made a huge impact on me, though I believe my experience would not be the same if I ended up at a different host company.

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Top 4 Tips: Navigating the Real World Right After College


Job Searching: where the term “Entry Level” doesn’t exist and college classes don’t matter.

This was how I felt when job searching before I graduated. How could I find a job I was qualified for, enjoyed doing, and found challenging? To be honest, I didn’t think it was possible until discovering Orr Fellowship.

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You're Just Putting Lipstick On a Pig: Office Perks Won't Build Your Company's Culture

April, 30 2018 Posted by Matthew Crissman

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I Love What I Do...and You Should, Too

April, 2 2018 Posted by Eric Strickler

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From 15th to 7th – SmartIT is Working Its Way Up the Rankings as One of Indiana’s Best Places to Work

May 19, 2017 Posted by Delanie Olsen

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