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How to Inspire Your Organization to Put Quality Systems First

by Federico Perez, Senior Quality and Compliance Manager

Today, most medical device manufacturers (and most organizations in general) don’t think of quality as an aspect of company culture. It is seen as one department’s responsibility. For some, the only time leadership really dives into questions of quality is when there’s a problem. Especially a problem that could impact market reputation or increase attention from regulatory bodies.

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How to Choose Data Sources for Your Population Health Program

With more and more data available to healthcare providers, it’s difficult to know where to begin sourcing data for your population health management program—especially in the early days of program creation. However, choosing the right data to start with is critical to getting the fastest results from your program and demonstrating its value to stakeholders. Here are the data sources we suggest getting started with.

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How Data Empowers Your Population Health Program to Improve Care and Reduce Costs


It’s no secret that technology and data have rapidly become a provider’s most powerful tools for reducing costs and improving care.

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Discover the Best Data Tools from Gartner Magic Quadrants


If you help make decisions about which vendors your business hires, then you should be familiar with Gartner’s Magic Quadrant. Magic Quadrants offer one-to-one vendor comparisons outlining strengths and cautions for each, as well as insights into overall market status. 

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How to Find the Best Data Integration Partner for You


IBM defines data integration as “discovery, cleansing, monitoring, transforming and delivery of data from a variety of sources.” Data integration sounds pretty simple--you take all your data and put it together, right? There’s actually a lot more to those two words.

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What to Look For in a Data Integration Services Expert

Are you seeking a better understanding of your business?

Have you missed opportunities due to insufficient or untrustworthy data?

Are you looking for new and better ways to achieve your business goals and boost the value your team is adding to the business?

Do you want to build a more solid foundation for decision making?

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Master Data Management: What It Is and Why It Matters

The importance of a mature data strategy for every business becomes clearer every day, and data literacy is a serious obstacle along the way. Have you run across data-related terms that weren’t clearly defined? Do you want to understand more about the key components of building a data strategy?

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How To: Big Data Visualization with Microsoft Power BI

Visualizing your data is a powerful way to discover new insights and relationships. With data visualization, you can digest huge amounts of data to discover hidden links and opportunities, especially those that don’t stand out in lists and spreadsheets. 

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Step by Step Guide to Importing Your Data into Power BI

Power BI can not only import data from a variety of sources, it can also help with cleaning and formatting the data it pulls. But how easy is it to do this?

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How Power BI Turns Your Data Into an Asset

What is Power BI?

Businesses often have a variety of data sources and formats, and it may be difficult to bring those sources and formats together to learn from them. That’s where a tool like Microsoft Power BI comes in, allowing you to connect data sources, clean up that data so it’s in its most useful form, explore, ask questions and share with your team.

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