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The Latest Innovative Trends in Health Data Informatics

Changes in policy, the alignment of incentives, and heavier adoption of data sharing protocols have influenced provider implementation of electronic health records (EHR). With increased financial risk-sharing, more fixed budgets and a focus on value-based care, it is critical to use data to address the social determinants of health.

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How to Create a Data Driven Population Health Program

With the healthcare industry shifting from the fee-for-service model toward pay-for-performance value-based care, it is critical to begin understanding patients, the care they receive from your organization, and the social determinants they face at a deeper level than ever.

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How to Choose Data Sources for Your Population Health Program

With more and more data available to healthcare providers, it’s difficult to know where to begin sourcing data for your population health management program—especially in the early days of program creation. However, choosing the right data to start with is critical to getting the fastest results from your program and demonstrating its value to stakeholders. Here are the data sources we suggest getting started with.

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How Data Empowers Your Population Health Program to Improve Care and Reduce Costs


It’s no secret that technology and data have rapidly become a provider’s most powerful tools for reducing costs and improving care.

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