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Seven Corners Teams Up with Onebridge to Solve Data Analytics Challenges

Seven Corners' travel insurance plans and 24/7 assistance services help people all over the world navigate their way through travel problems big and small. Their trip protection plans reimburse travelers for nonrefundable trip expenses if they must cancel or interrupt a trip due to unforeseen events like illness or weather, and their short-term medical plans provide high levels of medical coverage for international travel. In addition, Seven Corners was recently voted a top travel insurance provider, and their client list is impressive. 

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How to Create a Data Driven Population Health Program

With the healthcare industry shifting from the fee-for-service model toward pay-for-performance value-based care, it is critical to begin understanding patients, the care they receive from your organization, and the social determinants they face at a deeper level than ever.

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Discover the Best Data Tools from Gartner Magic Quadrants


If you help make decisions about which vendors your business hires, then you should be familiar with Gartner’s Magic Quadrant. Magic Quadrants offer one-to-one vendor comparisons outlining strengths and cautions for each, as well as insights into overall market status. 

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How to Share Your Data Using Microsoft Power BI

Now that you’ve spent some time with visualizations and customizing your reports, the most important step is sharing with your team. Power BI offers several customizable ways to share and collaborate on your reports.

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8 Ways to See Your Data in a Whole New Way

You’ve got your sources loaded and have started building visuals and exploring your data in Microsoft Power BI. Now it’s time to take your data analysis to the next level and start looking at your data with fresh perspectives. 

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How To: Big Data Visualization with Microsoft Power BI

Visualizing your data is a powerful way to discover new insights and relationships. With data visualization, you can digest huge amounts of data to discover hidden links and opportunities, especially those that don’t stand out in lists and spreadsheets. 

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Step by Step Guide to Importing Your Data into Power BI

Power BI can not only import data from a variety of sources, it can also help with cleaning and formatting the data it pulls. But how easy is it to do this?

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How Power BI Turns Your Data Into an Asset

What is Power BI?

Businesses often have a variety of data sources and formats, and it may be difficult to bring those sources and formats together to learn from them. That’s where a tool like Microsoft Power BI comes in, allowing you to connect data sources, clean up that data so it’s in its most useful form, explore, ask questions and share with your team.

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